Josh Bowmar shares how he trains his core. Try his full exercise the next time you’re in the gym. Josh spends one day a week working out his core for 45-50 mins. There are 5 core workouts and each one is a weighted exercise. You can adjust the weight to make it more challenging or even lower the weight to nothing at all.

Exercise #1 – Decline Weighted Sit Ups and Twists:

For this exercise you will need a decline bench and a weighted barbell (or no weight at all). You will sit back by twisting your core to the left side and then sit back up. Repeat five times. Then go to the middle and do regular decline bench sit ups, five times. Then twist to the right and do 5 more. You will do this workout for 3 rounds.

Exercise #2 – Weighted reverse Crunch Pauses:

You will need a bench and a dumbbell for this exercise, you will start out by sitting on the bench. Put the dumbbell in between your feet and keep your legs straight out in front of you and crunch. Then when you’re in the crunch position hold for a second. You will do 10 reps and 3 rounds of this one.

Exercise #3 – Weighted V-Ups on Bench:

You will start this one the exact same way as exercise #2- sitting on a bench with the weight in between your feet, but for this exercise you will keep your feet straight and bring your legs to your core and make a V shape at the top. For this one, you will also do 10 reps and 3 rounds.

Exercise #4 – Cable Crunches:

For this exercise, you will need a cable machine. Attach and fix the bar to the top of the machine. Once you have it set up you will face toward the machine, beginning on both knees and crunching in. Josh Bowmar’s side note for this exercise is to keep your arms at a 90 degree angle and don’t let the bar go in front of your face. This will ensure this exercise puts even greater focus on your core muscles. This one is also 10 reps and 3 rounds.

Exercises #5 – Ground V-Ups with Plate super set with a max contraction push/pull:

This exercise starts by lying flat on your back with the weighted plate in your hands with your hands above your head. Then you will bring your legs and upper body up to the middle, making a V shape at the top. After 10 reps hold that max contraction push/pull. Do 3 rounds!

This is one of Josh Bowmar’s killer core workouts that you will definitely feel the next day. Try it out!

CLICK HERE to watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate each core exercise.