Josh Bowmar shares his full bicep workout with just a cable machine. For each workout, the cable machine will need to be fixed at the bottom with two handles attached to it. Read below to get the full description of each workout:

Exercise #1-Pull Aparts: First, Face the cable machine with a handle in each hand. Then you start the exercise by doing a normal bicep curl but then, you will pull apart at the very top of the curl. Challenge yourself with a weight that you are able to do for 10 reps.

Exercise #2-Hands Together Hammer Curls: This one starts out just like the one above with the handles in each hand. This exercise is also a curl but you will keep your hands in and together. Choose a weight that is doable but still challenging.

Exercise #3- Assisted Negative Curls: This one is also a curl with a handle in each hand but you will start out by using both hands to curl up. On the way down, you will slowly bring it down with only one of your hands. Switch off doing that for 10 reps!

Josh Bowmar recommends doing this workout as a super set circuit. In other words, don’t take a break in between any of the exercises. Once you have done all three exercises, you can take a 1.5-3 minute break. Rest, go again, and again and again until your arms are too exhausted to do anymore! Josh Bowmar does this circuit about 5 times but you can do as many as you want until you can’t feel your arms! This workout gives you a killer pump, especially if you take Bowmar Nutrition PRE Workout for the extra pump effect.

CLICK HERE to watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate each exercise and watch his form closely!