Josh Bowmar dives into a few form tips for a couple simple rear delt exercises. Read below to try out his tips the next time you are in the gym!

#1-Face pulls: This one hits your rear delts. It starts out with the cable machine fixed at the top with the rope attachment. A regular face pull is facing towards the machine, holding the rope and pulling it towards your forehead.

Face Pull Form Tips:

Tip #1: When pulling the rope towards your face, try keeping the rope pulled apart as much as you can through the whole range of motion. This is extremely hard to do, so don’t worry about trying to load up too much weight. This will destroy your rear delts.

Tip #2: When you pull the middle of the rope to your forehead, the higher you go, the more it will work out your traps and shoulders. The lower you go, the more your back will be recruited to take over the workload. Both are great, it just depends on what muscles you are wanting to work out.

#2-Single Arm Rear Delt Exercise: This one starts with the cable fixed at the top as well, with a handle attachment. You start by slightly bending forward towards the cable machine with the first arm grabbing the handle with palms facing upwards and your arm across your body. Then pull the handle down to your side.

Single Arm Rear Delt Exercise form Tips:

Tip #1: During this exercise, you want to try opening your scapula during the extension part of this exercise. Get your shoulder to really come across your body. That way, it makes the movement more challenging. It will also force your rear delt to be the main focus for the majority of the exercise. If your scapula is contracted, your range of motion is limited by 50%.

Tip #2: You want to start by standing perpendicular to the origin of the resistance and bend at the waist. Try different positions where your arm comes across your body and see what is most comfortable. Everyone has different body types, so you will have to test it out to see what works best for you. It also can depend on what your main focus is. The best form for Josh Bowmar to really hit those rear delts is with his arm going across his throat. Try not to go higher than the throat because if you’re at your face, you can start to cause shoulder impingements. Listen to your body. You can tell when something doesn’t feel right and when something is working out your muscles.

Try out these tips from Josh Bowmar the next time you are in the gym! If you want to see Josh demonstrate each one CLICK HERE.