Josh Bowmar says that this shoulder workout is a surefire way to blow your delts out.. Try these workouts below on your next shoulder day for a guaranteed way to build your delts:


#1 Leaning Lateral Raises: First, you start with holding onto a stable machine with one arm. For example: a cable machine would work great. You hold on with one hand and lean to the opposite side with your feet together and keep them close to the machine. Then, with a dumbbell that is comfortable for you,l lift that arm straight up, slow and controlled, then bring it back down and repeat.


#2 Plate Front Raises: This workout is almost self explanatory, you will need 2 plates that are comfortable but still challenging for you. Stand up and hold them down by your side and one arm at a time, raise your arm in front of you and then continue alternating arms. This one BURNS your shoulders.


The next two are a superset:


#3 Plate Push Outs: First, you start out standing with one plate in both hands. Make sure it’s a weight that challenges you. Then, hold the weight at your chest with your elbows next to your waist and push the weight out in front of you. Once you are done with that go straight into:


#4 Face Pulls: For this one, you will need a cable machine and a rope attachment or two handles fixed at the top. Then you will sit down in front of the machine and bring it close to your face and pull apart. Josh Bowmar recommends doing the first half of this set while trying to keep your handles pulled apart throughout the whole movement. This keeps all the tension on your rear delts. For the last half of the set, perform as normal.


Josh Bowmar always starts his shoulder workouts with a heavy weighted movement. In this workout he started with heavy leaning lateral raises. Josh Bowmar does 5-6 sets of 5 reps (5×5). With longer rests, about 2-3 minutes in between sets. Then he transitions into a high volume rep range. For example: Josh will do 15-30 reps with no more than a 1 min rest between sets. In total the workout would end up being 300-400 reps.


If you try this out with all of Josh Bowmar’s advice, you are for sure going to feel the burn and get an insane pump.


CLICK HERE to watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate.