Josh Bowmar shares his full shoulder workout. This exercise is a circuit style workout with some of Josh’s favorite shoulder exercises. You will perform 10 reps of each exercise with no break in between. Once you complete the circuit with NO REST, then you can take 1-3 min rest before doing the whole circuit again. Do as many rounds as you can in 45 mins. Trust me, this will BURN!

There are 5 exercises and they are all on the cable machine. Read below for the full description on each one:

#1 Close grip cable press: Start facing the machine with the cable fixed at the bottom with a grip triangle attached to the bottom. Hold the grip triangle right at your chest with your elbows to your sides and press up above your head all the way to the top.

#2 Lying overhead close grip cable press: Start lying on your back with the grip triangle in hand and cable machine fixed at the bottom. This one is the same as the above, just lying on your back!

#3 High Pulls: Start standing and facing the machine with the cableable fixed at the bottom with the straight bar attachment. Slightly bend your knees with the bar attachment in front of you. While standing straight up, you will pull the bar up to your face and keep your elbows out.

#4 Single arm underhand front raises: For this exercise, you will start facing away from the cable machine, with it still attached to the bottom. With one arm at a time, you will hold on to the cable handle and raise your arm in front of you. Josh Bowmar recommends focusing on using your front delt rather than your chest muscles. The chest will do some of the work but it’s a secondary mover for this exercise.

#5 Face pulls: With this one, you will use a rope attachment and start by sitting on the floor facing the machine. Cable fixed at the top this time. Hold the rope in both hands and keep your elbows out and pull towards your face. Make sure to focus on your shoulder muscles and not your back.

CLICK HERE to watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate each exercise.