Josh Bowmar shares a few ways to curb cravings when you’re trying to either lose weight, eat healthier, or just fight those sweet cravings. Josh Bowmar loves carbs and sweets but still eats very low carbs and high protein. How does he do it? There are many things you can do to fight these cravings so let’s get into it:

Say you’re trying to reach your goals and you are eating super good and doing great. Then you start getting an urge to eat all the sweets you could ever imagine! First of all, this is very common and probably happens to everyone, especially if you love sweets. There are ways to trick your body into curing those cravings without derailing your diet. Bowmar Nutrition offers many supplements to help curb cravings. Josh Bowmar uses Bowmar Nutrition’s protein because he believes it is the best tasting protein out there. Josh and Sarah Bowmar developed this brand because they are both picky eaters who love carbs and sweets. Bowmar Nutrition has many different sweet flavors with high protein and low carbs. With Bowmar Nutrition protein, you can make protein waffles/pancakes, protein donuts, protein milk shakes, protein cookies and so many sweets with low carbs! Sarah Bowmar even has a low carb recipe book with great recipes you can use. You can also try Bowmar Nutrition’s ESSENTIALS because they help curb cravings as well.

Bowmar Nutrition offers Whey Protein, Vegan Protein and Dairy Free Egg White Protein.

Sarah Bowmar recipes:

If you don’t want to try out Bowmar Nutrition or you want to try other things, here are a few suggestions. Try working out in the morning while in a fasted state with some caffeine because that can help buffer your appetite throughout the day. High intensity training can also help with cravings, also with caffeine.