Coffee drinkers listen up:

To all the coffee lovers out there, here is a tip for you! If you don’t like to over-do it with the caffeine intake, you can try out Bowmar Nutrition’s Stim-Free PRE. Our Stim-free PRE has no caffeine and if you do want some caffeine in your PRE just add another scoop of our Stim PRE and you will have all the clinical doses of your nutrition needs with only 125mg of caffeine. You also get the pump effect from the CitraPeak ingredients. This can really benefit you if you workout in the morning and still want to drink your morning coffee! If you’re a die hard coffee lover, Bowmar Nutrition offers Cold Brew PRE and it is delicious!

Delicious Treat idea:

Do you love sweets? How about cereal? From time to time, it’s okay to have a treat! Listen to this: add Bowmar Nutrition’s Cookies & Cream Protein to your choice of milk, 2 scoops for 44 grams of protein or just 1 scoop for 22 grams of protein! Shake it up in a blender bottle. Pour your Oreo Cereal in a bowl and pour the mixed protein onto the cereal. Josh bowmar recommends you try this one out! You can also do this with many other cereals. Just pick a protein flavor that would go perfectly with your choice of cereal.

“On the go” breakfast:

Add Bowmar Nutrition’s Protein powder into your cup of coffee. Josh Bowmar recommends Hazelnut Coffee Protein, with 22g of protein and 2 carbs. Pumpkin Spice Protein is also another favorite. Many of Bowmar Nutrition’s Protein Flavors would go great in a cup of coffee. You can take it to work with you, take it on trips or just use it for a quick and easy way to get more protein into your diet. This will taste better than any sugar-filled drink you get at a coffee shop. By using this trick, you will know exactly what you’re drinking! It mixes great in hot and cold coffee and the rapid mixer stirs it perfectly!

Late night craving treat:

This is perfect for you if you get late night cravings. You get your choice of milk, (Josh Bowmar also adds egg whites for extra protein) and 2 scoops of Protein Powder. This ends up being 50g of protein! Crazy right! You can even stick to 1 scoop and it’s still delicious! Bowmar Nutrition offers many milkshake-worthy flavors. Try it out!

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