Turning cardio into a positive instead of a negative will change the game for you in the gym forever! You will always dread cardio if you keep forcing yourself to do it in a negative way. Creating something positive around it will 100% change your mindset on cardio. It is really easy to get tired of doing cardio and cut it short, but here are some tips from Josh Bowmar to make it easier and more exciting:

Tip #1: Pick your favorite form of cardio. Josh Bowmar recommends the Stairmaster which is a great choice for burning calories. You can also go with inclined speed walking on the treadmill or even cycling.

Tip #2: Pick a stimulating TV show to watch on Netflix. Preferably one with many seasons that you have never watched before. Make sure it’s intense and exciting, like an action show!

Tip #3: DO NOT WATCH YOUR WORKOUT SHOW ANYWHERE BUT THE GYM. This is very important because if you want to come back for more, you will have to do cardio to watch it. This tricks your mind into thinking that cardio isn’t so bad after all.

For example: Josh Bowmar watches ‘The Walking Dead’ while he’s on the Stairmaster. He has watched all 7 seasons just on the Stairmaster, never at home or anywhere else.

Tip #4: Time yourself. If you choose to do 30 minutes a day and time yourself while doing it, you might end up at a cliffhanger which will be sure to make you even more excited to come back and continue doing cardio. (Thankfully Netflix holds your place for you wherever you need to stop.)

Once you become addicted to the show you watch while exercising, you will eventually become addicted to cardio too., Because you love the show more than you hate cardio, in your mind, it will be more about watching your favorite show than the grueling work of cardio.