Josh Bowmar has three bicep exercises that are effective for some serious bicep growth. Heavy negatives are a great way to get those hard to reach and hard to build muscles to grow and strengthen. Here are three workouts to help build those biceps:


#1 Heavy Negative Preacher Dumbbell Curls: For this exercise you will start out with a dumbbell preacher curl. The weight of the dumbbell should be heavier than your average dumbbell bicep curl. Grab that weight, making sure that it’s heavier, but still comfortable to hold. Once you are on the machine, do one hand at a time. Start like you’re doing a one arm bicep curl, but you’re working the negative instead. To do this,you will slowly curl the dumbbell down. It should be too heavy for you to come back up, so you will grab it with both hands to bring it up and repeat. Make sure when you are curling down, you are using just that arm. This is how you work the heavy negative! This exercise is very effective, try it out!


#2 Preacher Barbell Curls: This exercise is a lot like the last one but you will be doing it with a barbell, using both arms! For this one, you will also be doing a heavy negative, so you will need a heavier than usual barbell. Start by holding the bar. Curl down slowly until you can’t hold it any longer, then drop it into the bar slot to make sure you do not injure yourself. This exercise is just as effective as the other one. Give it a try!


#3 Plate Curls: First, you will need plates that are a good weight for you. Hold them down by your side and curl one side then the other, and repeat. This one is a great burner and will kill those biceps. Try this out at the end of your bicep workout for a good BURN.


Josh Bowmar recommends trying heavy negatives, especially on stubborn muscle groups that you are struggling with. Heavy negatives are great for building muscle. Heavy negative tip from Josh Bowmar: The proper weight while doing a heavy negative should be around your 1 rep max, completely fresh. If you can easily do reps with the weight, it’s not heavy enough.


CLICK HERE to watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate each exercise! Try these out on your next bicep workout in the gym.