Josh Bowmar demonstrates three out of seven of his full leg day workout. This workout is nothing too out of the ordinary, but these exercises make for a very effective leg workout.


  1. Heavy Squats:

Josh Bowmar likes to start out with the classic squats when his knees and back are feeling great. He will start with a lighter weight and build his way up to 375 lbs. When doing heavy squats you want to start with a warm up weight that is comfortable and easy for you, then move your way up slowly to a more challenging weight.


  1. Hack Squats:

First, you will need a hack squat machine. Set the machine to a comfortable but challenging weight. Then, do the right leg, the left leg and then both with no rest in between switching leg positions. This one will burn!


  1. Leg Extensions:

Josh Bowmar says the biggest thing with this extension variation is to slide forward and keep your toes curled back towards you (pointing up), while going through this range of motion. Josh Bowmar thinks that leg extensions this way hits more of your quads then normal extensions especially in the upper portion of your quad. The upper portion of your quad is one of the hardest muscles to reach. Give it a try!


To see Josh Bomwar demonstrate each one of these CLICK HERE.


The rest of Josh Bowmar’s leg day workout:

  1. Lying leg Curls
  2. Hip Abductions
  3. Hip Adductions
  4. Calf Raises


This workout was 300 reps total. The reps and sets varied for each exercise. For example, the heavy squats you would want a lower rep range. The heavier ones you would do less reps and the lighter ones you would do more reps, but all together 300 reps. Give this workout a try on your next leg day.