This is a full body workout but mostly a leg focused exercise. Josh Bowmar did this workout when he started his cut, because it’s a cardio/weight lifting workout. This is a great full body workout. It will definitely get your heart rate up and will help with building muscle and burning fat. Josh Bowmar did this exercise outside but you can do it in a gym or anywhere that works best for you. Here is the full body circuit:


  1. Stand Up-Sit Ups with Bar:

For this workout, Josh Bowmar uses a barbell and a sissy squat machine bench. First, he starts with standing and holding the barbell straight up above his head. Then, he squats down and goes into a sit-up position. Then he goes back up to standing again. Josh Bowmar recommends 10 reps!


  1. Uphill Walking Lunges:

Josh Bowmar also used the barbell for this one and again, he holds it above his head. Then, he starts at the bottom of the hill and does 8-10 walking lunges uphill.


  1. Overhead Squats:

With this one, it is the same as the last two exercises. Just putt the barbell above your head and squat. Josh Bowmar recommends doing 10 reps.


  1. Back Squats:

This exercise is just normal squats with the barbell resting on the top part of your back. Ten reps are also recommended for this one.


  1. Body Weight Squats:

This exercise is just that last burn at the end of the circuit. It will definitely BURN. Josh Bowmar recommends doing 10 reps.


Once you finish all of the exercises, Josh Bowmar recommends finishing it off with running. He ran 2 laps around a pond. You can run on a track, treadmill or anywhere outside. Josh also recommends doing this circuit as many times as you can in 45 minutes. Try it out. This is such a great workout!

CLICK HERE to see Josh Bowmar demonstrate each exercise.